Tagging Supplies

PLEASE NOTE: Orders Placed After Sept. 22nd will not be shipped until Sept. 27th!


Tagging Gun

A great way to secure your tags to clothing is via a tagging gun. These are typically $25-30+ retail. Through The Kids Clothesline you get a tagging gun, one needle, and 500 barbs for only $15. This is totally optional - you do not have to use this type of tagging gun. Safety pins work nicely too.

Tagging tip: If you use a tagging gun, PLEASE put the needle through the items label or the seam! Putting the needle through the fabric will make a hole. Thanks! 

Tagging Gun with 500 barbs - ONLY $15 w/ FREE SHIPPING! 


Extra 500 barbs for tagging gun. ONLY $2!


Replacement Needle for tagging gun. $3 w/ FREE SHIPPING



There is a great way to keep shoes together, affix tags to toys and outdoor gear. It's called a loop pin. You get 500 loop pins for just $7.00! You do not need a tagging gun to use these.

500 Loop Pins

Wire Hanger - PICKUP

We offer two sizes of wire hangers in quantities of 500 for our pick up customers!

Box of 500 Hangers - Our hangers are made from a heavy duty, durable 13 guage wire. Adult hangers are an 18 inch and child size are 13 inch. We have found that the adult size work better for size 8 and up.

There are approximately 500 hangers per box. Please be sure to specify ADULT sized or CHILD size when ordering.

Pre order your hangers for the following pickup dates/times:

August 29th at 5:30pm - deadline to order is August 21st

Wire Hangers


Sept.12th - Last pick up

All Pick ups will be on Lehigh Street in the Papa John's shopping center parking lot.


Child Size Wire Hangers - SHIPPED

If you would like to purchase hangers and have them shipped to you please order using the link below. The shipping cost is included in the listed price. WE CANNOT SHIP ORDERS OUTSIDE OF PA, NJ OR NY. thank you





Shirts to be picked up at the sale.

TKC Tshirt