Tagging & Pricing Your Items for Sale


We strongly suggest that you prepare your items a little at a time so you will not be overwhelmed waiting until the last minute. Check out our TIPS page for some helpful tips and reminders. You must use wire hangers and our online tagging system! Click Here if you are intersted in purchasing tagging supplies. TAG ENTRY WILL CLOSE SEPT 16th at 12 noon! After this time you can still print your tags but you are not able to make any changes or addtions in the system. (This includes volunteer shifts & drop off appointments)

Hanging Garments

Hang all garments on wire hangers with hanger hook pointing left (wire hangers only). We strongly recommend that you use a tagging gun. Please place tag on right side of garment if you are using safety pins. If you are using a tagging gun make sure you place the needle in the seam of the item or the items label!! If you place the needle directly into the fabric you will make a hole!

All clothing must be in EXCELLENT CONDITION (no holes, stains, tears or missing buttons), neat, clean and free of odors. Clothing must be current styles.

Secure two-piece outfits together by placing the shirt on the hanger first. Place the pants or skirt on the back of the hanger (the two garments will be back-to-back, this counts as one item). Pin the waist of the pants to the back of the shirt at the shoulder seams. Pin through the hanger to prevent tearing. Please use safety pins to attach pieces to the hanger. Do not pin second piece (pants or skirts) under a jacket or shirt where they cannot be seen.

Do not use tiny gold pins (not strong enough to hold the item), and do not use straight pins or staples (dangerous to the shopper).


When preparing shoes, please make sure they are securely connected and the tag is attached. You can tie the shoelaces together, buckle the shoes together,use a loop pin, zip tie or even safety pin them together. If the item looks good it sells faster and for a better price.Make sure shoes are clean! A little effort goes a long way. Shoes often become separated from their tags, attach a small label or piece of masking tape with your seller number to each shoe. There is a limit of 4 pairs per gender unless like new. If like new we will accept more.


PACKAGE TOY/GAME/PUZZLE PIECES AND DIRECTIONS SECURELY. Small and loose pieces should be placed in a Ziploc bag and taped shut to keep little fingers out. Please use packing tape and tape the entire opening of the bag! Think CHILDPROOF! Attach bag to the toy by tying it on, using a loop pin, using clear packing tape or by placing the bag inside the unsealed toy. All toys must be complete, in working order and clean! Puzzles can be wrapped in plastic wrap and then taped to keep puzzle pieces in. Count your puzzle pieces!! Do not package toys to purposely hide a defect, it's dishonest and disappointing to the person buying your item.

***PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE WHEN PACKAGING TOYS & GAMES! CHECK FOR MISSING PARTS! DO NOT BRING ITEMS IF THEY HAVE MISSING PARTS! Think of the child who will be receiving this toy and how disappointed they will be if it is missing pieces! Please check carefully!

***Please note: we are now keeping a log of consignor numbers that we find to be repeat offenders of bringing items with missing pieces or hidden defects. It is not possible for us to check for missing pieces of small games & puzzles at drop off and we are counting on you, the consignor, to check these things at home. Consignors that we find to be continuously careless about checking for missing parts & pieces or covering up broken parts will be banned from participating in future events.


Label books & DVDs by placing tag on the back and adhering with clear tape. Please do not go crazy with the taping of tags! Especially on books, when we remove the tag the book may tear.

We are now accepting parent DVD's...anything rated PG 13 and under. If you plan to tape your DVD's shut please do so after your items have been inspected at drop off. Thank you!


Are you interested in a TAGGING GUN & LOOP PINS to attach your tags? Click HERE to find out more!


Tags are made using our online tagging system. Each item must have one of our barcoded tags in order to be sold. Using bar codes allows us to track each consignor's inventory and earnings. Bar coded tags are required on all items.

Please use CARDSTOCK! You many use regular paper for toys, baby equipment, books or any item where the tags will be attached using clear packing tape. Please use white or a light pastel colored cardstock. Dark colors will not scan.

Item entry & Tag Printing
Click here to work with your inventory or print tags

IMPORTANT! ITEM DESCRIPTION: Please take the time to fill out an item description for each item. If a tag becomes separated from your item we will not be able to search/print out a new tag and sell your item if you have not put a good description. Items with missing tags will be sold at our discretion or placed in the lost and found.

Make finding lost tags simple by being clear in your descriptions. In the first line please put the brand name, no matter what it is! In the second line describe the item by the first thing that comes to mind when you look at it. Most items that are "missing" at the end of the sale are due to missing tags!

Attach a small label or piece of masking tape with your seller number to each item on the item label. If your tag becomes separated from the item we will be able to do a search in your inventory list and print a new tag.


Price your items as if you are the purchaser. A good guide is to price at about 1/4 to 1/3 the original cost. Price your items at a fair price and chances are they will sell before Sunday’s 1/2 price sale. Items cannot be priced under $2.00. Consider grouping lower priced items together to save time on tagging.

HALF PRICE DAY: Sunday will be 1/2 price day! If you plan to donate your unsold items after the sale mark “Yes” for half price day. It's better to get 1/2 price for an item than to not sell it at all. Also, please do not price your items as if they were only going to only sell on 1/2 price day. (example, a shirt that is worth $3 should not be priced at $6)

If this is your first time consigning say YES to 1/2 price! Once your items are out of your house you won't want them back. While people are shopping they always have a "maybe" pile that they would buy if only the items were a little cheaper. When they see items marked YES for 1/2 price they will come back to the 1/2 price sale and always end up buying more! When too many items are marked NO for 1/2 price it is not worth the time to come back on 1/2 price day and it's takes the fun out of 1/2 price day! Save "NO discount" for special items that you're having a hard time parting with.