Tagging & Pricing Your Items for Sale

Power Tagging Tip: Start Early!

We strongly suggest that you prepare your items a little at a time so you will not be overwhelmed waiting until the last minute. Check out our TIPS page for some helpful tips and reminders.

NOTE: Wire Hangers & Online Tagging

You must use wire hangers and our online tagging system! Click Here if you are intersted in purchasing tagging supplies.



SEPT 16 @ 12 noon!

After this time you can still print your tags but you are not able to make any changes or addtions in the system. (This includes volunteer shifts & drop off appointments)


Hanging Garments

Do not use tiny gold pins (not strong enough to hold the item), and do not use straight pins or staples (dangerous to the shopper).


If the item looks good it sells faster and for a better price.


***PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE WHEN PACKAGING TOYS & GAMES! CHECK FOR MISSING PARTS! DO NOT BRING ITEMS IF THEY HAVE MISSING PARTS! Think of the child who will be receiving this toy and how disappointed they will be if it is missing pieces! Please check carefully!

***Please note: we are now keeping a log of consignor numbers that we find to be repeat offenders of bringing items with missing pieces or hidden defects. It is not possible for us to check for missing pieces of small games & puzzles at drop off and we are counting on you, the consignor, to check these things at home. Consignors that we find to be continuously careless about checking for missing parts & pieces or covering up broken parts will be banned from participating in future events.



Are you interested in a TAGGING GUN & LOOP PINS to attach your tags? Click HERE to find out more!


Item entry & Tag Printing
Click here to work with your inventory or print tags



HALF PRICE DAY: Sunday will be 1/2 price day! If you plan to donate your unsold items after the sale mark “Yes” for half price day. It's better to get 1/2 price for an item than to not sell it at all. Also, please do not price your items as if they were only going to only sell on 1/2 price day. (example, a shirt that is worth $3 should not be priced at $6)

If this is your first time consigning say YES to 1/2 price! Once your items are out of your house you won't want them back. While people are shopping they always have a "maybe" pile that they would buy if only the items were a little cheaper. When they see items marked YES for 1/2 price they will come back to the 1/2 price sale and always end up buying more! When too many items are marked NO for 1/2 price it is not worth the time to come back on 1/2 price day and it's takes the fun out of 1/2 price day! Save "NO discount" for special items that you're having a hard time parting with.