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The Kids Clothesline!

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This was my first time as a consignor at the sale and I was telling my husband how impressed I was at the organization!! From the ease of using the system to create tags, the drop off and such organization with pick up! Good Job!!
-Karen, PA

The Kids Clothesline is my favorite consignment sale for the same reason that Classic Coca Cola is my favorite soda. It was the FIRST in the Lehigh Valley, it is not a cheap imitation, and it keeps what works while making improvements each year. I mark my calendar each time I get the announcement that the sale is coming and arrange for babysitters immediately because I will not miss it!
-Linda, PA

I just wanted to let you know that we had a great time at the presale. We purchased great items at great prices! I am very impressed at how organized and calm it was, we had a wonderful time. Keep up the great job!
-Amanda & Marlene, PA

The Kids Clothesline is worth taking the day off of work, getting a babysitter or heck even calling in sick. I consider it one stop shopping. You can literally get anything kid related from a pair of cleats to a wii game to a book or bows for your little girls hair. Come kid free and plan to be there for a long stretch of time. Every item is unique and you will never know what you can find so it is worth taking the time. The owners are always on site and they have a great team who really care about the sale. They are always open to suggestions and have great improvements with each and every sale. Consigning is a great way to recycle your good items and I look at it as doing a kid clean out twice a year. The best part is you get a check back which you can use to buy the next stage of items you need. Don't miss the sale! You will be paying more elsewhere, never get the same selection anywhere and missing the experience. Reserve the date on your calendar and highlight it! I always have my husband take half days on presale day! Crazy but worth it!

I wish you could hear what all the shoppers are saying - they are sooo impressed by your organizational skills. The sale is AWESOME. You are saving us all alot of money - thanks again. I scored a ton of great clothing dirt cheap & am looking forward to getting more at the 1/2 off & dollar sales.
-Damien, PA

I received my check and wanted to say, "Thank you for a great experience." I really enjoyed working, being a SAHM it is nice to get out and do something useful, as well as consigning this time. Consigning was an easy process and I look forward to doing it again in the spring.
I think you do a tremendous job with this sale, it is a fantastic idea and I hope you continue to expand it. I know there are many Moms and Moms-to-be that appreciate this opportunity. I love that the unsold (donated) items go to charity!
-Robin, PA

It was great to be a part of another TKC sale (this was my third). It
was also the first that I worked, and I can tell you, I
woke up several times that night and each time I had been dreaming of
sorting clothes! LOL

-Chris, PA

I really appreciate all that you do to get ready for and to run the sale! I also appreciate all your volunteers too! They were all so helpful at sign in and also at check out and on the floor! Thanks again for ALL you do! You are the best and I truly appreciate everything!
-Judy, PA

5th year consigning and volunteering at the Best sale around! Had been nosey and checked out a few of the other competitors and they can't hold a candle to Amanda's stellar structure of running a successful sale! She requires all to take that step in making this the best sale twice every year and because she does that, that is why the sale is such a success! To many, many successful sales ahead!
-Stacey, PA

Best clothes and most variety! Its the only sale I go to :)

Best Kid's Consignment Sale in the Lehigh Valley: huge selection & high quality items! You won't be disappointed! :-)

I look forward to this sale every fall and spring. I have the date circled and always seem to have a count down of days until the sale is finally here! I'm always confident of the quality of items I buy due to the great job of inspection that is done during check-in. I get the best bargains on clothing and toys that I would never get a regular store. I have a hard time paying full price for clothes when I know my little guy will only be in them for a few months. Kids Clothesline is definitely the best kids consignment sale in the Lehigh Valley hands down!

I absolutely love the Kidsclothesline sale for many reasons. First off the whole sale is organized and clean and first class. I have been going to this sale for years now and get awesome deals and walk away with a whole season wardrobe for 3 kids. the prices are fair and the clothes are nice and clean , stain free. I myself don't consign but, I deal with Amanda on the flyers/ postcard handout end and she responses promptly to my emails and is flexible and easy to deal with. She is willing to work with any situation. I would not miss this sale at all, you will not be disappointed!

Love this sale! I enjoy consigning my items, volunteering, meeting new friends, and just everything about it! I always amaze at how organize the sale is too! I look forward to it every spring and fall! It's also the consignment that I trust, because I know how strict they accept all the items before they get to put on the rack/table/shelves! :)

For the last 2 years, I have bought almost every piece of clothing that my daughter has worn from The Kids Clothesline. It is VERY well organized, and while the line tends to take a little time at checkout, it is well worth it! I have never left there unsatisfied and have finally become a consignor for the first time this year! I'm so excited for the upcoming sale!

The Kids Clothesline sale continues to exceed my expectations year after year. It is the most well-run, organized sale I've ever been to . It's a win-win for both consignors & shoppers. Kudos to Amanda and her team for running such a wonderful sale !

I love the Kidsclothesline sale it's awesome. I have a countdown for it on my computer :) I can't wait only a few more days and it will finally be here. If you want to find great deals this is the place to do it. This kid sale is like no other. Very nice stuff for sale.

This is the best sale in the around. It is organized, clean, and offers an array of items for kids of every age. This is my second year shopping it, and my toddler is one of the best dressed kids you will meet, thanks to TKC! I find great brands, clothing and toys in great condition, and many items NWT. This is my first year consigning as well, and the process is user-friendly and will allow me to follow up with the sale over the weekend. It's great!

Every year I continue to be amazed with the selection, quality, and value offered by the Kids' Clothesline, and it just keeps getting better each time. Thanks to all who are involved in putting on such a tremendous sale. You truly save us a bundle. :)

Best children's consignment sale I have been to. I've been to a couple others but this one is the cleanest and most organized.

I love shopping the kids clothesline!!! It is by far the best kids consignment sale out there. I've been shopping w them since my 5 yr old was an infant. The deals you get are outstanding. The presale is definitely worth attending. This is my first time consigning & I have to say the whole process is so organized and makes it so much easier on the consignors. This sale is definitely worth your time.

This will be the second sale I am consigning in, and all I can say is WOW! I was so impressed in the fall when I consigned for the first time. The sale is incredibly organized, has really great quality items, and is so well attended thanks to its reputation and all the great advertising that is done. Can't wait for another great sale!

Best consignment event! I can just imagine what a logistical nightmare it could be, but somehow the owner makes it so well-organized and pleasant! Everything is clean, nicely presented and top-quality; not to mention the best deals on high-end clothing names. Last fall, I was able to purchase (nearly) all my 6 year-old's clothing for autumn and winter at the sale-- designer and boutique names, all at a substantial discount. I have never been disappointed in the selection or quality of what I come home with. I work with infants and toddlers and can always find great toys to use for therapy. I would not miss the event (but I also wouldn't take my kids, so be sure to figure out a babysitter situation early!)!

I am so in love with the kids clothesline that I make my husband jealous! lol! They have so much selection to choose from. You don't have to worry about missing the early bird sale- they always have the cutest stuff each day of the sale. Now they are at the fairgrounds and it would be bigger and greater. I have told my friend and coworkers about this event and they are eager to see what great deals on kid clothing they can get. Can't wait for May!

Best consignment sale in the area! Last year was my first year shopping consignment, awaiting the birth of my daughter, and I hit up several in the area but Kids Clothesline was by far the best! I love how you can find brand names for all sizes and even new, unopened toys at a great price! I am definitely hitting up the sale this year with my 2012 Christmas list and birthdays in mind! There is a endless variety of everything baby/child and would definitely recommend this sale! :)

My sister tried to explain to me what the Kidsclothesline sale experience is like. I didn't have any children so I was never really interested. I am a new mom and just looked at the pictures from September 2011. I cannot believe what I saw. I now understand what all the excitement is about. I can't wait to go to my 1st Kidsclothesline sale!

I went to the sale last year while I was pregnant and was blown away by the magnitude of it. There were so many great prices for high quality items. I paid almost nothing for a like new bouncer which has been a life-saver for us. Now that I have my daughter and know better what I need and want, I can't wait to hit the sale this year!

I found out I was pregnant when i was 18 being a full tine nursing student and having a part time job I needed anything i could get for a cheaper price the first presale i came to i was blown away my family gave me money instead of shower and i bought anything and everything j would need for my new baby it was the best experience ever my husband and mother loved it just as much I haven't missed one since... And sometimes come more than once I want to thank all the consignors and workers they are wonderful and this is the best consignment sale ever!!!!

Best consignment sale in the Lehigh Valley and beyond! I've been to sales in the suburbs of Philly and they don't hold a flame to Kids Clothesline. Excellent quality at excellent prices and they are so organized and efficient, it's amazing!

I look forward to this sale MONTHS in advance! I save my money and arrive with a list of necessities! I've even told my sisters about the sale. They come up from Virginia for the weekend and we all shop together while our hubbies watch the kids. Due to one sister relocating last year, we are sending some clothes to South Korea for my nieces, seeing clothing is rather expensive there!

The Kids Clothesline sale is like a Fantasy Land for parents and gradmas! This sale is better than Chocolate! Great quality, excellent prices and a shoppers delight! Better than Black Friday and you don't have to get up at 3 am!

♥ this sale! Shopped for two years, consigned for two years after that... now I am back to shopping! Always a great sale with immaculate clothes that are in style at great prices! The owner of the sale is so friendly and personable and makes your time as a volunteer or consignor appreciated! I hope to find the time to consign again next year! :) Keep it rocking Amanda!

this is by far the best consignment in the area both for buying or selling. Love this sale and I attend and consign at both the spring and fall every year!

I have been a consignor and a shopper at other events like this and this BY FAR is the best. HANDS down! Very organized, clean, great quality of clothes and prices ALL in one spot. This is a dynamic event that should be experienced by ALL moms. Where else could you get all that under one roof and not walk away feeling victorious?