TKC Return Policy

At The Kids Clothesline we do our best to inspect every item that comes through the door. We want our shoppers to trust that they are purchasing quality items. For this reason we have available to all of our shoppers an item check station during the sale. If you are going to purchase an electronic item or an item that is taped shut and you want to make sure it works and it has all its parts, please take the item to the inspection/item check station. If things are too busy and you don't want to do that please remember that ALL items may be untaped, unwrapped, or unpacked at the checkout counter for your own inspection. Do not hesitate to untape an item at the register!! If it is taped shut, chances are we have not inspected the contents of the package.

We check in, on average, over 100,000 items in a two day period. Due to the number of items that come in, we require that some of the "checking" be done at home by the consignor. This is obviously done on the honor system and not something we can monitor. For example, we cannot count the pieces of a puzzle or open a board game to make sure that all the pieces are there. We are also not always able to check all electronic items at check in. We are counting on the consignor to be honest about missing pieces and the item working. Please double check all items before you purchase them!

Due to the nature of the event we are not able to accept returns. We do our best to make sure that an item you purchase at our event is in working condition but please remember that these items are used and should always be inspected by you before you purchase them.

Thank you for your understanding!

Amanda D'Ambrosio

Owner, The Kids Clothesline