Shop The Kids Clothesline

April 15-17, 2016

Ag Hall
302 N. 17th Street
Allentown, PA 18104

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*Private Presale
Thursday,April 14: 12pm - 8pm
Committee Volunteers 12pm
8 Hour Volunteers (2 shifts) 2pm
Consignors 4pm
6pm - 8pm
Public Sale
Friday,April 15: 10am - 8pm
Consignor Restock Friday, April 15: 7pm - 8pm
Public Sale
Saturday, April 16: 10am - 6pm
Public 1/2 Price Sale
Sunday, April 17: 10am - 6pm
Consignor Pickup
Sunday, April 17: 6pm - 8pm
Public $1 Sale
Monday, April 18: 10am - 12pm


Important Shopping Info

While children are allowed at the sale and we do allow strollers, we encourage shoppers to come without them as the sale will be very crowded. If you must bring children we suggest only small umbrella strollers or baby carriers from 10-2 on any public shopping day.

Payment Options

We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard & Discover, no personal checks. Our dollar sale on Monday is CASH only.

Return Policy

Please Click Here to review our return policy. thank you!

Important Presale Information

The Private Presale requires a pass, please click here for more info. If you are a consignor you will receive your pass at consignor drop off. If you are not a consignor you can pick up your pass anytime during consignor drop off (monday 4-8, tuesday 10-8 or wednesday 10-4) or at the door on the day of the presale.

One person will be admitted per presale pass, no exceptions!

Shopping Etiquette

Please leave children at home if possible. We do understand that this may sound harsh and that you may want or need to bring children to our event. At The Kids Clothesline we understand the needs of parents with small children and for that reason we do allow children and strollers. And while we are a "children's consignment event" we want to stress that our event is geared towards the parents of children, not the children themselves. It can be very overwhelming for small children during our busy times. The crowds are large and the lines are long, consider us the black friday of consignment. Ask anyone who's shopped our event during the busy times and they will tell you to leave the kiddos at home if you can! We do also understand that many children do enjoy looking through the toys. If you want to or need to bring small children please consider shopping when things are less crowded. Crowds tend to lessen after 2pm.

If you need to bring a child please use an umbrella stroller or baby carrier before 2pm. For security reasons your stroller, infant carrier or large bag will be tagged upon entering and may be inspected upon your exit. We provide large shopping bags, you may bring a small granny style rolling cart for shopping, please do not bring your own shopping bags.

Please respect all items! Please do not leave piles of discarded items laying on the floor or discard your bag if you feel the line is too long. Please find a volunteer and they will put your items back on the sales floor.

Please do not allow children to rip open or play with toys!

**We do have an inspection station for anyone who wants to have an item opened or tested to make sure it has all pieces and works properly. Please do not take items apart on the sales floor. Ask a volunteer for assistance. While we do our best to check all items that are for sale, if something is taped shut, do not assume that it means all the pieces are there or that it works. Ask for assistance in checking the item.