Volunteer FAQ


Question: Do I have to volunteer if I am a consignor?

No, Volunteering is completely optional.

Question: What are the benefits of volunteering?

Volunteers earn a pass to shop the private presale on thursday. Volunteers that are consignors will also earn an additional percentage of their consignment sales. Click Here for more info. Please note: volunteers do not earn a discount on purchased items.

Question: Can I bring my children to my volunteer shift?

Children must be 16 years or older to attend a volunteer shift with their parent. No children under 16 may accompany a volunteer. We appreciate your understanding!

Question: I missed my shift at a past sale and now am unable to sign up online? How can I be allowed to volunteer again?

If you have volunteered for a shift at a past sale and did not give us notice that you would not be able to make it to your shift and you did not find a replacement you were placed on the Prohibited Volunteer List. Once placed on this list you are unable to sign up to volunteer in the future. This is to ensure that our volunteers take their commitment seriously so that we are able to depend on them. If you would like to discuss your placement on the list please email us at amanda@thekidsclothesline.com.

Question: I am pregnant but would still like to volunteer. Is there a shift that will accommodate me?

Yes! Please contact us so that we can help you pick a shift that will suit your needs.

Question: I have a nursing baby who won't take a bottle. Can I still volunteer?

Yes! Please contact us so that we can help you pick a shift that will be suitable to your needs.

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