Volunteer Guidelines

We immensely appreciate all those who offer their time...thank you in advance!

Please note: volunteers do not earn a discount on purchased items.

Shifts are available on a first come first serve basis.

If you volunteer for any position we are counting on you to follow through. If you are unable to make your scheduled time please give us at least 48 hours notice OR find a replacement. Failure to complete your commitment as a volunteer will affect your eligibility to participate in future events.

Everyone is counting on you to help make the sale the best it can be. Please take your position seriously. Every job is important!

We know attending the private Presale is well worth the effort!! Thank you!

Presale Pass Information:

In Order to keep the presale as pleasant a shopping experience as possible we have implemented the following rules:

A volunteer pass entitles one person admittance to the pre sale. You may bring children under 13 without a pass but we recommend leaving children at home.

This rule is in place to keep the number of shoppers lower at the presale so that the presale is less crowded for a better shopping experience!

Consignors will receive their pass at consignor drop off. If you are not a consignor you can pick up your pass anytime during consignor drop off (Monday 4-8, Tuesday 10-8 or Wednesday 10-4) OR on presale night.

If you have lost your pass replacement passes are available for a $25 fee. No exceptions!