Want to Consign but don’t have the Time?

We are currently hosting an online events!  Click Here for more info!

Our Tagging Service is not available for our online events.  thank you!

It Is Easy!

Prep or Don’t prep!  Drop it off and WE do the rest!

Earn More

Clean out the kids’ closets and toy boxes! Make extra cash by clearing out your clutter!


No selling to the public, no crazy meetups, just DROP it off!


You’ll receive a pass to our private presale and shop before the public!


Pick your best items
Hang AND sort clothing by size & gender
All items must be prepared & packaged securely.  Your profit is 50%.



Pick your best items.
Sort clothing by size & gender.
Your profit is 40%.

Consigning FAQs

How Do I become a consignor?
It’s Easy! Just register online. Click Here
When does registration open?
Registration opens 6 weeks prior to each event.
Is there a registration fee?
Yes, the consignor registration fee is non refundable and is $15.  Additional fees apply when using the tagging service depending on the level you choose.
Do I have to use paypal to pay my registration fee?
No, You can mail your registration fee to PO Box 565 Coopersburg, PA 18036. Please put your email address and phone number on your check. Please note: your consignment earnings are paid to you thru paypal.
How long does it take to get my consignor number once I have registered?
The registration process is automated and you will receive you consignor number right away.
When do I drop off my items?
Once you have signed up for the TKC Tag-4-Me service you will schedule a drop off appointment to fit your schedule.
How many items can I bring?
You may bring up to 300 items.
What size clothing can I bring?
We accept boys clothing infant up to size 20 and girls clothing infant to size juniors large. Please note: We do not accept clothing sized 2T and under for the Buy it Now option.
Do you accept maternity clothing?
We are no longer accepting maternity clothing.
Some of my clothing items have only a few tiny stains, is that okay?
No, we will not accept anything with stains, no matter how small. Please make our job easier by not bringing stained items. We take in an average of 100,000 items, if only 10% of the items have stains that is 10,000 items that have to be sorted through unnecessarily and if anything is missed at inspection shoppers have to dig through while shopping. No one wants to buy a stained item, please don’t bring them. It’s disappointing to buy an item only to see later that it is stained.
Is there a limit on shoes?
We have a 4 pair limit per gender on shoes. The only exception is if your shoes are brand new or appear brand new. If they are brand new you may bring more than the limit.
Why does registration & tag entry close so early?
We normally close registration and tag entry a few days before our first set up day of the sale week. In order for us to be as organized as we are we need time to space plan. Closing tag entry early allows us to do this efficiently. Thank you for your understanding.
Do I have to pick up my items before half price day if I do not want them to go half price?
NO, your items will remain on the sales floor for the entire sale. If your items are marked “No Discount” the item will sell for full price, even on 1/2 price day. We encourage you to mark your items half price. When shoppers see a lot of items marked half price it makes them want to shop again on half price day, purchasing things that would not have otherwise bought. Save marking no discount for special items you are having a hard time parting with.
How can I attend the Presale?
If you are a consignor you can attend the presale at 4pm on Thursday. Any consignor who commits to one shift at the sale will get to shop the presale at 3pm! 2 shifts you can shop at 2pm!  3 shifts you shop at 1pm! We also have some other duties that do not require you to be at the sale but earn you a presale pass!
Do I have to use barcoded tags?
YES! All tags MUST have barcodes. Without the barcode we do not know who the item belongs to. Incorrectly tagged items are sold at our discretion. Please do make handwritten changes on your tag. Items will only be sold with the information that was originally printed on the tag. We have no way of knowing who made the handwritten changes. If you want to make changes do so in the system and print a new tag.
I want to change the price of my item, can I just handwrite it?
NO! Please do make handwritten changes on your tag. Items will only be sold with the information that was originally printed on the tag. We have no way of knowing who made the handwritten changes. If you want to make changes do so in the system and print a new tag.
I'm trying to print tags and they don't come up?
You must enter items into your inventory to see your tags. You cannot print blank tags.
Will I get my tags back after the sale?
No, tags stay with the items when they are sold. You will be able to see your inventory of items sold online.
Do I need to print out new tags for unsold items from last sale?

I have a few items from last sale that still have the tags on them. I have imported them from the previous sale inventory to my new (upcoming) sale inventory, do I need to print out new tags for them or will the barcodes work from the last sale as long as I have no changes to the item’s info/price?

Yes, tags from a past sale will work without reprinting. If you want to change the price or any information on the tag you must print a new tag.

Why do I have to use wire hangers?
Wire hangers take up less room on the rack. This may not seem like a big deal but when you are dealing with THOUSANDS of clothing items it can make the difference of a few feet in rack space. Plastic hangers also tend to break as people are looking through the racks. With plastic hangers, it is sometimes challenging to secure a top, pants and accessories to a single hanger. With a wire hanger and a few safety pins, you can secure multiple pieces in a flash! Wire hangers also make it harder for items to be removed from the hanger and stuffed into a bag, under a shirt, etc. It’s a great theft deterrent.
Where can I get wire hangers?
Some dry cleaners will give away “recycled” wire hangers for free or you can try craigslist or freecycle. Some dollar stores carry them and I have also seen them at walmart. If you can not find them for free we offer NEW child sized hangers for sale.
Will I get my hangers back after the sale?
No, we would love to be able to collect all the wire hangers from sold items and give them back to consignors but it is just not possible. Hangers go home with sold items.
Can I send a friend to pick up my unsold items after the sale?
This is entirely up to you. During pickup, consignors will be asked to find their items on their own. All items will be organized in sizes and categories. It may take longer for a friend to find your items because they will have to search by number and not by sight. Consider making a small distinct marking on your tags or hangers.
How can I make it easier to find my unsold items during pickup?
Leave the kids at home! 🙂 We also recommend marking your hangers in some way, but remember that sometimes hangers do become separated from their items during the sale so do not totally rely on this! Bring a list of your unsold items to make sure you find the things you want to find. Please keep in mind that while we do our best to protect your items there is always a chance that something will not be found, please don’t bring anything to the sale that would upset you if it were to go missing.