All about our Online Event


What is an online consignment sale?

We have set up an online store where your items will be offered for sale during a set period of time just like an in person event. We’ve set up our online store by size and categories so that people can search for items that they normally find at TKC from the comfort of their homes.

Our online event will be similar to our in person event with a presale, public shopping day and a ½ price day. Consignors and Helpers will still have the opportunity to shop first!  If you are unable to consign or help you can purchase a ticket for our presale!

Consignors will list your items in our online inventory system just as you normally do plus add a photo with each item.

Items are purchased and paid for directly thru the online store. Sold items will be dropped off by consignors to The Kids Clothesline and then sorted and distributed to buyers by The Kids Clothesline.  Customers pick up orders at our venue.

Why do an online event?

An online event gives people the opportunity to shop from the comfort of their own homes and gives consignors the opportunity to sell their items.  

While we are no longer hosting in person events we will continue to do our best to offer local families a way to shop and sell your kids items online!  We are really so excited about the possibilities with our online event and hope to share this experience with you!

What items will be accepted?

Online sales are always ALL SEASON! We also accept women’s clothing, accessories, shoes & maternity! Furniture, home decor and home goods, adult books & arts & crafts and so much more!
click here for a complete list of what we accept for the online event.

What will I earn?

Consignors earn the same percentages as they would during an in person event. We will have limited helper positions available during drop off and order fulfillment for added percentages.  Click Here for details.

Earnings will be paid within ten days of order pick up.

What do I have to do to participate?

Register just as you normally would.   The difference is you’ll add a picture for each item when you enter your inventory.  You don’t have to hang items or print tags prior to the sale!  After the online sale consignors will be able to print tags of all the items that sell.  Consignors will be responsible to attach these tags and drop off their sold items during a specified time.

How do I prepare items for drop off?

You’ll only need to tag SOLD items to bring to drop off. All consignors will sign up for a drop off appointment. – There will be day and evening time slots available.

Each item should be individually packaged/tagged so we can see what order it belongs to. Small items or items with loose parts should come in clear plastic bags with tags attached on the outside of the bag.  We recommend that clothing come in individual bags also.  Do not use hangers for the online event.